In the Blink of an Eye

Yesterday my world turned upside down for just a moment. But that moment was long enough.

It started with a text in the early morning hours from my husband that began with a words "I've been in an accident". Though no fault of his own, my husband was in a car accident that did terrible damage to his car. He is sore and bruised, but otherwise fine. It was all decided by the difference of a fraction of a second. If the other car had pulled out just a hair later, the impact could have been fatal. And so here we are - alive, well, and completely overwhelmed with how easily and completely life can change. In just the blink of an eye.

We go through life, with all its routine and mundane existence, stealing joy and contentment where ever we can. We focus on the busyness, the pressing engagements, the to-do list. We remember, only briefly, to stop and smell the roses, to hug our children for a few extra minutes, to smile at a friend. We plan and dream for the future, as if the future were an event that we could depend on. And in the middle of all this, we forget, so often, that we are just dust. We can be gone from this life in an instant.

Last month we had a scare of a different kind. There were medical tests, with alarming results, and although the end of it all was positive, it was quite disconcerting to have a doctor tell you that he "just saved your life". Combined, these two experiences have shaken us. Which causes us to realize that when the shaking comes, everything that is 'shakeable' falls to the wayside, and all that remains is what was ever truly there.

Which leads me to my final thoughts - what in your life is solid, unshakeable, true? What holds fast when everything else falls away? Are these solid things the things you focus on, or the things you push to the sidelines of your life? For me, the true things are my faith, my family, and my love for my friends. And with that in mind, I wish you an incredible week; full of love, joy and the constant treasuring of all that you hold dear. For in the blink of an eye, everything can change.

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