Things Worth Celebrating

Following along with my previous posts where I realized once again the incredible significance of the truly important things in life, I decided to share with you a few shots of the event we recently celebrated.

My beautiful sons turned 3.  We gathered family and friends from far and wide to rejoice in the day they were born. There was much laughter. A multitude of hugs. Fun. Jokes. Joy.

And yet this day was almost lost for us.  A stomach bug came ripping through our home - the really bad kind. The 14 loads of laundry, disinfect the floors and walls (even the ceiling!) kind. There we were, the day the party was to be held, lying in bed and moaning for relief. We pushed the party back a day and hoped for the best.

When we woke up that next morning, we were tired and shaky. And yet we were once again reminded that it's the little things in life that matter most.  The thought of having to cancel the party reminded us how much the party is worth! So we cleaned, and cooked, and planned and purchased. And gained a greater appreciation for the party that was to come.

Twins are an amazing blessing.  They are doubly lovable, doubly adorable. Of course, they are also double the work. But when we are focusing on the important things, the work seems not so bad.

Wearing an "Uncle Wayne" hat
Bob and Larry covered in candles
Here's hoping you have reasons to celebrate this week as well; and that whatever hard work you have to put your hand to, pales in comparison to its worth.

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