Money Matters

Recently, my husband and I have decided to take a hard look at our finances.  Tax season normally encourages that sort of thing.  We learned that we can't always account for where the money goes. On paper, we should be fiscally fine. But real life doesn't always feel fine. It gets you thinking: How much is enough? How much would we need to have before we started feeling that we had enough?
This looks like enough. =)
When we analyzed, we realized that we had to change two things.

First, we needed to be sure that we weren't giving in to the constant pressure to have more THINGS. Jon and I have traveled to very poor countries.  We've seen people who were perfectly content with almost nothing. We've played with children who were laughing and smiling while rummaging through the garbage for something to eat. We understand that the accumulation of things is not a guarantee of happiness, and the absence of things can encourage us to focus on what is important. But sometimes we forget that. Consider us reminded.
An Egyptian Child
The second thing we needed to change was the method that we used to keep track of our money. We did some research and decided to start a money program - the Dave Ramsey program. Dave Ramsey recommends starting with The 7 Baby Steps. Baby steps. That seems doable.
Dave Ramsey teaching on managing your money.

Have any of you had to re-make your financial habits? What worked for you? We'd love to hear what motivated you to change, and what helped keep you on the right fiscal path. What program did you choose, and why? Do tell!

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