My Very First Garden

This Spring we are endeavoring to achieve a monumental task - rescuing our yard from the wild growth that was here when we moved in. The previous owners of our lovely home were clearly avid gardeners, and much of the outside space is dedicated to flowers beds, bushes, flowering trees and water plants of every variety. Unfortunately, years passed with the house unoccupied, and the bushes grew out of control, the flowers died, and the water garden became an algae covered mess.

Underneath the chaos and confusion of the current garden, I could see its potential. So my wonderful husband and I have undertaken the enormous task of bringing life to this garden spot.

First, we stripped the weeds and brush that had grown up over the past 4 years.
My sons use their trucks to "help" us prepare the garden soil.
Then, we bought all the necessary garden supplies.
Hay to cover the new plants.
Tools and gloves - for me and the kids!
Even a wheelbarrow!
We have this great big piece of rich soil to plant, and all the right supplies. We're ready to go!

There's only one problem.  We've never done this before.

Enter my fantastic father, with years of vegetable gardening experience. And my delightful father-in-law, who has great advice on ornamental plants and flowers. My dad inspired me with talks of fresh veggies and delicious herbs. He also outfitted me with a mini-green house to get some of the more delicate plants started.  Thanks dad!
The greenhouse that keeps my little plants safe and healthy.
Broccoli, Kale and Lettuce are growing!
Brussel sprouts - YUM! and Parsley, Basil and Oregano!
More Broccoli, Kale and Lettuce.
Not sure about these - they are meant to be Strawberries. We'll see.
Peppers, Hot and Sweet!
3 Types of Tomatoes
We seeded some of the veggies right into the ground. On either end of the garden we've planted a row of onions. Apparently, onions on the outside of a garden deter animals from eating the plants. Animals don't like onions. What deters three year old boys?
 We've planted radishes and garlic too. I can't wait to eat them!
Every day I go out and check on my little plants, and see how they are coming along. I have dreams of eating fresh herbs and veggies that I tended with my very own hands. I love being out there in the open air, digging in the dirt and enjoying the outside. So far, gardening is the best!

I know there are going to be obstacles and problems along the way though. Are there any experienced gardeners out there who would like to offer advice, or provide me with a great learning source? I'm all ears!

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  1. I had a hand in this!!!!! Sooo happy to have been a part of it:)